Custom LEGO Brickarms Now at 20% Over at The Brickshow Shop!

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In the bustling world of LEGO enthusiasts, BrickArms LLC stands out as a unique and cherished gem. This small toy company, based in Redmond WA, specializes in crafting original, custom-designed LEGO-compatible weapons and custom minifigs. What sets them apart? Right now, you can get their fantastic custom LEGO BrickArms products at an incredible 20% discount here at our Brick Show Shop.


Custom LEGO Brickarms Now At 20% Off!

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The Story Behind BrickArms LLC –

In case you’re new to the LEGO hobby, and wish to have a better understanding of LEGO MOCs, let’s have a bit of a background of what BrickArms is all about.

BrickArms LLC’s journey began with a simple request in 2006. Will Chapman’s youngest son, then just nine years old, asked for World War II weapons to complement his LEGO creations. Little did they know that this innocent request would spark the birth of a custom LEGO BrickArms business that would capture the hearts of collectors worldwide.

A Family Affair

One of the most endearing aspects of BrickArms LLC is that it’s a true family effort. Will Chapman, a long-time Adult Fan of LEGO (AFOL), is the proud owner and operator of the company. But he’s not alone in this adventure. His wife and three sons are all actively involved in the business of making, packaging, and distributing some of the best custom LEGO BrickArms pieces.

They contribute by designing toys, trimming them from the sprues, packing orders, and addressing packages. It’s a heartwarming team effort that makes custom LEGO BrickArms what it is today.

The World of Custom LEGO BrickArms

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BrickArms LLC’s product range is a LEGO enthusiast’s dream. They produce hundreds of different custom LEGO BrickArms weapons, accessories, weapons packs, and custom minifigs, all of which are prized possessions for collectors worldwide.

Originality and Quality – the Custom LEGO BrickArms Experience

One key aspect that distinguishes BrickArms is its commitment to originality. Each of their custom LEGO BrickArms pieces is an original design, meticulously crafted to fit perfectly within the LEGO world. Quality is of paramount importance, ensuring that every piece is not just visually appealing but also built to last.

Custom LEGO BrickArms and Constant Innovation

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BrickArms LLC is not content to rest on its laurels. They are continually pushing the boundaries of creativity. With a commitment to innovation, they regularly release new items, minifigs, and packs that keep LEGO enthusiasts eagerly anticipating their next release. So, for those who are already fans or looking to start their collection, there’s always a new custom LEGO BrickArms piece waiting to be discovered.

BrickArms LLC is not just a toy company; it’s a testament to the power of family, creativity, and passion. From their humble beginnings to becoming a sought-after name in the LEGO community, their journey is a remarkable one.

And now, with a 20% discount on custom LEGO BrickArms pieces over at our store, it’s the perfect time to dive into the world of LEGO MOCs and custom builds.

FAQs: Your Burning Questions Answered

Q: Are BrickArms products compatible with official LEGO sets?

Absolutely! BrickArms products are designed to seamlessly integrate with official LEGO sets, allowing you to enhance your LEGO creations with their unique accessories.

Q: How can I take advantage of the 20% discount over at The Brick Show Shop?

To enjoy the 20% discount on BrickArms products, simply visit our official storefront over at The Brick Show Shop. The sale will run for 24 hours, so better hurry and grab this offer for great custom LEGO BrickArms pieces.

Q: Are BrickArms products safe for children?

Custom LEGO BrickArms products are designed with collectors and enthusiasts in mind. Though they’re non-toxic, we strongly discourage giving these small pieces to younger children since they can be a choking hazard.

Q: Can I purchase BrickArms products internationally?

Yes, The Brick Show Shop ships internationally, so LEGO enthusiasts from around the world can enjoy high-quality custom LEGO BrickArms products.

Q: What materials are used in making BrickArms products?

BrickArms products are made from high-quality, durable plastics, ensuring they can withstand the rigors of play and display.

Q: Are there any limits to the 20% off promotion?

The 20% off promotion is valid for a limited time (for the next 24 hours only) sitewide. Be sure to check our website for specific details and exclusions.

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