Unveiling the 2,500-Piece LEGO Ideas The Orient Express Train – Arriving in December!

lego ideas the orient express

Editors Note: This post has been updated to reflect the release date of the LEGO Ideas the Orient Express 21344 to be December 1 instead of November, as confirmed by LEGO.  

It looks like LEGO still has a lot of things in store as we approach the end of the year. And in case you missed it, we can now have a sneak peek of the highly anticipated LEGO Ideas The Orient Express 21344 which is slated to arrive this December, consisting of more than 2,500 pieces.

The LEGO Ideas The Orient Express and the Road to 10K 

lego ideas the orient express

If you recall back in March of 2021, LEGO fan builder Thomas Lajon (aka LEt’sGO over at the LEGO Ideas platform) managed to get the support of the LEGO community when his original creation, The Orient Express, A Legendary Train, hit the 10K support milestone. Consequently, it earned its top spot at the LEGO Ideas First 2022 Review Stage and went on to be one of the next LEGO Ideas 2023 sets to watch out for by the year’s end.

Thanks to LEGO’s official catalog, we’re now granted an early preview of the much-anticipated set. This stunning brick-built train set boasts an impressive 2,540 pieces, promising a fulfilling building experience for LEGO aficionados.

lego ideas the orient express

Do take note that as of this posting though, it seems that LEGO backtracked on their supposed reveal and has decided to update the said digital catalog, removing the page dedicated to the reveal of the LEGO Ideas The Orient Express. As such, LEGO.com is yet to list the LEGO Ideas The Orient Express, but we can expect an official reveal anytime soon.

A Remarkable Transformation

LEGO Ideas projects often undergo significant transformations from their initial concepts to the final products available in stores. The LEGO Ideas Orient Express is a prime example of this evolution. The version set to launch this fall differs substantially from the original Ideas campaign model, embracing a more whimsical approach while retaining a touch of its old-school charm.

lego ideas the orient express 04

A Palette of Change

Another notable change is its color scheme. The initial fan-submitted model by Thomas Lajon featured a green engine design, while the rear passenger car was dark blue. In the final product design, the LEGO Ideas Design Team opted for an all-encompassing dark blue theme. This modification brings a new level of coherence to the model, enhancing its overall aesthetic appeal.

lego ideas the orient express 02

All Aboard!

Another exciting alteration is the addition of an extra passenger car to the engine. The original model included only one passenger car, but the LEGO Ideas Design Team decided that more was merrier. Consequently, the set now includes a total of eight minifigures, ensuring ample interior space for creative play.

lego ideas the orient express

LEGO Ideas The Orient Express – Availability and Release Date

Be sure to mark December 1 on your calendar because that’s when the LEGO Ideas The Orient Express train will officially be available. Expected to retail for $300, this lovely set comes complete with a track display stand, making it an ideal choice for display enthusiasts. While it lacks motorized functionality, it remains fully compatible with existing LEGO train setups. Let’s hope LEGO will also offer some Power Functions to this set later on after its official reveal.

The official unveiling of this remarkable creation is just around the corner. LEGO traditionally reserves major reveals for Tuesdays or Thursdays. So, stay tuned as we await the release of its official product description and high-res images.

The LEGO Ideas The Orient Express Train, with its 2,500 pieces and unique design, promises to be a standout addition to any LEGO collection. It’s a long overdue set, especially for LEGO Train enthusiasts.

Be sure not to miss out on its official launch on December 1, and keep an eye out for more details in the coming days only here at The Brick Show.

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  1. Dear Lego, no one asked for a blue hogwarts train. This does not even resemble the original idea that was voted on. I loved the original historical looking engine and car. I don’t want to pay for custom display track with every set. This dream turned into a nightmare.

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