LEGO Mini Steamboat Willie (40659) Promotional Set Officially Revealed

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LEGO’s official website has just unveiled an exciting surprise for LEGO Disney fans – the next gift-with-purchase (GWP) set, the LEGO Mini Steamboat Willie (40659) set. This charming creation pays homage to the iconic black-and-white animated short that introduced the world to the beloved character, Mickey Mouse.

LEGO Mini Steamboat Willie: A Disney 100-Themed Delight

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While we don’t have word yet on when the LEGO Mini Steamboat Willie GWP will arrive in North America, a Thai LEGO Certified Store suggests it will likely make its debut from October 23 onwards. This release timing coincides with the conclusion of the promotional period of another GWP freebie which is the LEGO Scary Pirate Island 40597.

Impressive Mechanical Elements

One of the standout features of the LEGO Mini Steamboat Willie set is its functioning paddle wheel as mentioned in the official product description. The paddle wheel actually rotates and moves the steam pipes up and down. This fun play feature is made possible through the use of wheels and LEGO Technic elements built within the set, a true marvel for a creation of this size.

A Nod to the Original

As you may clearly notice, this set is a scaled-down rendition of the 2019 masterpiece, the LEGO Ideas Steamboat Willie 21317, which also featured intricate mechanical functions. Its iconic status and significance in Disney’s history make it the perfect choice for LEGO and Disney to reintroduce as a smaller GWP to commemorate Disney’s 100th anniversary.

Exploring a New Iteration of Mickey Mouse

Let’s not forget the included the classic Mickey Mouse minifigure. This version features unique all-grey legs, setting it apart from the Mickey Mouse minifigure in Disney Series 2 or the one from the larger Steamboat Willie 21317 set.

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Unlocking the Magic with LEGO Disney Sets

Since the LEGO Mini Steamboat Willie is a LEGO Disney 100 set, it’s reasonable to assume that you’ll need to purchase specific LEGO Disney sets to qualify for this delightful gift with purchase. In case you missed it, there are plenty of LEGO Disney 100 sets that are display-worthy for any uber LEGO collector. We have the LEGO Walt Disney Tribute Camera (43230), LEGO Disney Peter Pan & Wendy’s Flight Over London (43232), and LEGO Disney Castle (43222) to name a few. You still have the chance to bag these sets over at if you haven’t checked them yet.

While we’re currently immersed in LEGO’s Double Insider Points offer and the allure of the LEGO Scary Pirate Island 40597, you can expect to receive more official information about the LEGO Mini Steamboat Willie 40659 as we approach the final week of October.

In the meantime, if you’ve set your sights on this captivating set, check out its official product description below.

LEGO Mini Steamboat Willie 40659

424 pieces | Includes a classic Mickey Mouse minifigure | Gift-With-Purchase set

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Enchant any LEGO® ǀ Disney fan aged 9 and up and celebrate Disney’s 100th anniversary with this nostalgic Mini Steamboat Willie (40649) buildable set. The boat and Disney’s Mickey Mouse minifigure are both replicated as close as possible to the original and are produced in black and white bricks. The paddle wheel on the steamboat rotates and moves the steam pipes up and down. The model and minifigure can inspire role-play fun or will look great on display in any home or office.

  • Build an icon – Celebrate Disney’s 100th anniversary with this LEGO® ǀ Disney Mini Steamboat Willie (40659) set for kids or fans with a passion for the iconic character’s screen debut
  • Nostalgic model – This Disney’s 100th anniversary set features a buildable boat in black and white, with a rotating paddle wheel and movable steam pipes, plus a minifigure to inspire role play
  • Measurements – This buildable steamboat measures over 5 in. (13 cm) high, 7 in. (20 cm) long and 4 in. (11 cm) wide and makes a cool display piece when not paddling down a river of creative stories

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