List: Explore the Best Spider-Man LEGO Sets to Add to Your Collection Before The End of 2023

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If you’re a LEGO Marvel enthusiast, especially if a Spider-Man fan, then this post is for you. It’s kind of hard to put your finger on the best Spider-Man LEGO sets out there. Especially considering that¬†LEGO has come up with a plethora of LEGO Spider-Man-themed sets that cater to your web-slinging desires.

In this post, I listed down the best Spider-Man LEGO sets that deserve a special place in your collection before the curtains close in 2023. Check these out.

The Best Spider-Man LEGO Sets to Get Before This Year Ends

Miles Morales vs. Morbius (76244)

best spider-man lego sets

Marvel aficionados will be thrilled with this high-octane set, showcasing Miles Morales and the vampiric villain Morbius in minifigure form. As one of the best Spider-Man LEGO sets out there, this one boasts a wide array of authentic accessories and a super-racer car equipped with two stud shooters at the front and a substantial booster element at the rear for that extra power surge.

Miles Morales can swing into action with a large web element, while Morbius has a pair of bats to aid him in his devious plans. The icing on the cake is the LEGO Builder app, which offers intuitive zoom and rotate tools for an immersive building experience.

Spider-Man Final Battle (76261)

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As one of the best Spider-Man LEGO sets that 2o23 has to offer, this comprehensive set offers a 360-degree experience, featuring an impressive collection of LEGO Marvel minifigures, including three different Spider-Man versions: Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man (Tobey Maguire), The Amazing Spider-Man (Andrew Garfield), and Spider-Man (Tom Holland).

The ensemble is completed with other iconic characters such as Electro, Doctor Strange, Green Goblin, Ned, MJ, and Doc Ock. The set is brimming with features to maximize play-and-display options, including three minifigure supports for midair action, a removable roof that unveils Sandman’s hand, flip-open rear access to a portal, and a soft web element to encase the minifigures.

Spider-Man Buildable Figure (76226)

best spider-man lego sets

Crafted in the likeness of Spider-Man from the Marvel Universe, this fully articulated figure replicates the hero down to the last detail. Children can engage in dynamic battles using the web accessories included, positioning Spider-Man in various action-packed stances. When the day’s web-slinging adventure concludes, the flexible figure stands as an impressive display piece making its mark as one of the best Spider-Man LEGO sets that you can have this year.

Venom Buildable Figure (76230)

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Meet Venom, the menacing alien symbiote from the Marvel Universe, in all its articulated glory. With claw-like fingers and a poseable physique, this figure allows kids to engage in thrilling missions as they battle their way through exciting adventures. After the day’s supervillain escapades, Venom can take pride as a captivating display piece, and one of the Best Spider-Man LEGO sets that there is.

Miles Morales Buildable Figure (76225)

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Bringing the Marvel Spider-Man Universe to life, this figure captures the essence of Miles Morales. Fully articulated and accompanied by web elements, children can recreate epic battles and pose the figure in various action-packed scenarios. When not in combat, this flexible figure doubles as a fantastic display item.

Venom (76187)

best spider-man lego sets

Fans of Venom and the Spider-Man movies will savor every moment of assembling this ominous alien symbiote. Its oversized jaw, adorned with dagger-like teeth, the long and twisting tongue, and the menacing black brow combine to create an unmissable display piece. An elegant name plaque adorns the sturdy base, making this model an even more impressive addition to your best Spider-Man LEGO sets of all time.

The Daily Bugle (76178)

best spider-man lego sets

This colossal recreation of the Daily Bugle office block stands over 32 inches (82 cm) high and comprises a whopping 3,772 pieces. It serves as an awe-inspiring backdrop for an ensemble cast of Marvel heroes and villains, some introduced exclusively in this set.

The building is replete with authentic details, captivating features, and classic comic-book action, from the New York taxi cab outside to the penthouse office of the Bugle’s Editor in Chief. LEGO Marvel fans will find the building process challenging yet incredibly rewarding. Once completed, the removable floors, roof, and detachable facades reveal this magnificent Marvel tribute for all to admire.

Don’t miss the chance to add these best Spider-Man LEGO sets to your collection. Act now and secure these fantastic sets before they retire at the end of this year. Your LEGO must-have checklist just got a whole lot more exciting!

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