This Custom LEGO Fried Chicken Stop-Animation Video Just Went Viral

custom lego fried chicken

For our LEGO MOC of the Week, check out why this custom LEGO Fried Chicken video became an instant hit. 

Food videos that capture the online world’s attention often fall within specific categories like food discovery, street cuisine, unconventional recipes, extraordinary dining experiences, and culinary shortcuts.

However, a new trend is taking the internet by storm, and it’s anything but ordinary. Surprisingly, it doesn’t involve real food; instead, it’s a mesmerizing display of creativity and video editing skills using good old-fashioned LEGO bricks.

The Custom LEGO Fried Chicken Culinary Journey

The mastermind behind these captivating videos is Andrew, a stop-motion animator and video creator, who shares his unique culinary creations on Instagram under the handle @hypnomotion.

From burgers and pizzas to hot dogs and French toast, Andrew crafts lifelike custom LEGO food items, and one video, in particular, has garnered a substantial following: ‘LEGO Fried Chicken And Fries.’

Watch this.


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How to “Cook” a Delicious Custom LEGO Fried Chicken

In this mouth-watering video (in case you’re a minifigure in disguise), we can see a pair of hands carefully dipping a pinkish LEGO chicken leg into a red mixture made of LEGO tiles. The leg piece is then ‘coated’ with beige 1×1 plates, simulating breadcrumb crust.

The next step involves placing the LEGO fried chicken into a pot filled with ‘hot oil,’ and well, as you can guess, represented by popping trans yellow studs LEGO studs. Once ‘cooked,’ the LEGO fried chicken pieces have now been transformed into an appetizing trio of golden brown leg pieces.

custom lego fried chicken
Photo credits: Andrew via @hypnomotion from Instagram

The culinary journey doesn’t stop there; strands of french fries have been deliciously recreated using yellow LEGO pieces.¬†These faux fries are then placed alongside the custom Lego fried chicken on the plate, completing the tasty illusion.

custom lego fried chicken and fries
Photo credits: Andrew via @hypnomotion from Instagram

A Viral Craze

Though this remarkable video first appeared in August, it continues to captivate audiences worldwide. To date, the reel has amassed an astounding almost 3.7 million likes and almost 60 million views on Instagram.

Comments have flooded in, offering a variety of reactions. Some viewers are in awe of the video editing skills, while others find it “oddly satisfying” to watch. A handful even humorously mistook these LEGO food items for the real deal.

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Your Thoughts?

What are your impressions of this viral custom LEGO fried chicken video? Share your thoughts and reactions in the comments section below and join in the conversation! And while you’re at it, be sure to explore the rest of Andrew’s food-inspired stop-motion LEGO animation videos.

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