More Exciting News: Two Brand New LEGO Minecraft 2024 Sets Revealed!

lego minecraft 2024

In yet another exciting reveal following the initial wave of LEGO Jurassic World 2024 and LEGO Sonic the Hedgehog 2024 sets, JB Spielwaren has once again delighted fans by unveiling two captivating LEGO Minecraft 2024 sets.

Introducing the LEGO Minecraft The Armory (21252) and The Animal Sanctuary (21253), these sets promise an immersive LEGO Minecraft adventure to kickstart 2024.

lego minecraft 2024

lego minecraft 2024

From the looks of it, The Armory contains 203 pieces and features minifigures of the Armorer and Alex. On the other hand, The Animal Sanctuary comprises 206 pieces and includes a delightful assortment of characters such as the Cat, Rabbit, Cow, Sheep, Dog, Player Character, and Baby Zombie. These remarkable sets are part of LEGO’s highly anticipated initial lineup for LEGO Minecraft 2024 sets, scheduled to hit shelves and online in January of the coming year.

Here’s a closer look at this duo straight from the LEGO Kids mini-site.

Unveiling The LEGO Minecraft 2024 Sets

LEGO Minecraft The Armory 21252

203 pieces | Includes Alex and the Armorer minifigures | $16.99

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Enter the LEGO Minecraft Armory, where the Armorsmith works with an anvil, furnace, grindstone, and lava-filled cauldron. Be careful not to spill lava on those rare terracotta tiles! Then join Alex as she inspects the armor. Open the chest to find a golden axe, enchanted trident, diamond sword, shield, and other cool resources that you can use when you go through the Nether portal into a new adventure.

LEGO Minecraft The Animal Sanctuary 21253

206 pieces | Includes a new LEGO Minecraft character and several Minecraft animals and creatures | $16.99

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Care for baby animals at the LEGO Minecraft Animal Sanctuary. With 3 fun areas to explore – a fenced-in play space with a food storage room, an outdoor picnic area, and a cozy carpet where tired animals can rest – your guests will never want to leave! And, with so many mobs, you can also use them to expand other LEGO Minecraft sets (sold separately), such as The Turtle Beach House (21254).

Be Sure to Catch These LEGO Minecraft 2024 Sets

The introduction of The Armory and The Animal Sanctuary into the LEGO Minecraft 2024 collection is met with enthusiastic anticipation from fans and collectors alike. These sets not only offer the opportunity to indulge in creative play but also provide a tangible connection to the ever-popular Minecraft universe. As you explore The Armory’s enchanting world of armor crafting immerse yourself in the serene atmosphere of The Animal Sanctuary. What is interesting to note here is that both sets also reveal the arrival of two more LEGO Minecraft 2024 sets which are The Turtle Beach House 21254 and the Nether Portal Ambush 21255 respectively. Let’s hope to get more details about these sets anytime soon.




The LEGO Minecraft 2024 lineup seems to be promising as well. Stay tuned for their release in January 2024, and be sure to keep tabs on our blog site to discover more LEGO 2024 sets that will be slowly in the weeks to come.

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