5 Possible LEGO DC Comics Superheroes Justice League Sets That We Want to See.


The first, full-length official trailer of Warner Bros’ Justice League is now out! With a hard-rockin’ tune that is somehow reminiscent to that of MCU’s Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Director Jack Snyder clearly has a particular tone and feel in mind when they conceptualized the trailer. In the trailer, we get to see a little background info on the rest of the team, following the reveal of Diana Prince (Wonder Woman) of the rest of the team members. We get to glimpse on the rebooted versions of Vic Stone (Cyborg), Barry Allen (The Flash), and Arthur Curry (Aquaman) as they battle a horde of Darkseid’s minions, the Parademons. Needless to say, it is the ultimate, live-action, DC compendium of superheroes rolled into one action-packed, hard-hitting trailer.

justice league poster

In case you haven’t seen it yet (which I seriously doubt), here’s WB’s official Justice League trailer, which is currently holding the #20 spot in YouTube’s list of trending videos.

It was already revealed during last month’s New York Toy Fair that LEGO will be releasing three, undisclosed DC Comics Superheroes sets based on the Justice League film – set numbers 76085, 76086, and 76087. For obvious reasons, LEGO did not dive into the specifics of these sets since doing so will leak potential major spoilers. So let’s take time to draw inspiration from JL’s first official trailer and find out what scenes from the clip can be the most likely candidates to become official LEGO sets. We compiled these suggestions based on the official trailer and information from other media sources. Check out these 5 possible LEGO DC Superheroes JL sets that we want to see, in no particular order.


The Amazons Versus the Army of Parademons

Amazons Parademons

One particular shot shows a large scale battle between the Amazons of Themyscira – the place of origin of Diana Prince’s Wonder Woman – and an army of unholy Parademons. It is not clear yet from the trailer if this scene happened to be in the past and is just a part of Wonder Woman’s recollections, or is it a present day assault of the alien invaders. The Parademons are determined to create havoc on the otherwise peaceful island, and the Amazons are equally resolute to defend it with their lives. There may not be much structures and buildings that may go along with this suggested set considering that the battle scene primarily takes place on the island’s rugged terrain. However, seeing the significance of this scene throughout the rest of the film makes the Amazon’s last stand (?) worthy of being immortalized in a LEGO set.


Meaner and Badder Batmobile

New Batmobile with Aquaman

Jason Momoa’s rendition of Aquaman in Justice League somehow brings to memory a very similar, live-action character on the other side of the superhero fence. Wild and free as the ocean, Aquaman has no qualms riding on top of the fully weaponized hunk of Bat tech – and even Batman gives a very rare smile of approval. The newly enhanced Batmobile as seen in JL’s official trailer carried a lot of firepower for the sole purpose of bringing down as many Parademons as it can. The new, lower profile design of the Batmobile with its tons of armaments, and the inclusion of an Aquaman and Batman minifigs is a must buy if ever this becomes a LEGO set.

New Batmobile


Batman’s Knightcrawler

One particular brief scene (lasting only for 2-3 seconds) in the trailer shows another exceptional piece of weaponry that Batman brought along with him. Shot in a sort of an underground tunnel, we get to see a glimpse of this war vehicle that looks more like a hybrid between a tank and a crab.


It is not easily recognizable at first, and in fact, I have no idea what this Bat vehicle is until I read Den of Geek’s report about their movie set tour last June. Photos were not allowed to be taken during the entire duration of the set tour, but thankfully, we have an idea what this beast of a Bat vehicle is. According to the report, concept arts of two newer vehicles were prominently displayed in the set. The first one is a kind of B-52 type transport called the Flying Fox, while another looks more like a battle mech robot, aptly called the Knightcrawler. Armed with four massive, crab-like arms, the Knightcrawler is said to be big enough to fit four of the JL superheroes, and has enough firepower to take down a handful of flying monkeys (aka Parademons).

It’s no secret that Batman is a staunch collector of high-tech weaponries and vehicles, but the Dark Knight of recent days – whether in live-action or animated versions – seems acutely attuned to the need for modern combat tech. Whether it is the Scuttler from the LEGO Batman Movie, or the Knightcrawler, Bruce Wayne is definitely updated with his gear.


Mera and Atlantis


It was earlier revealed by Warner Bros that Aquaman’s love interest and hailed queen of the seas, Mera (played Amber Heard), will also make an appearance in Justice League. This is set into stone when Mera was briefly shown in the trailer in her underwater domain flanked by a couple of Atlantean guards. Looking at this scene from the trailer, I fondly remember LEGO’s now retired Atlantis theme. It will be great to have another underwater LEGO set added into the DC Comics Superheroes mix so we hope this one will get a nod as well.


The Parademons’ Subterranean Labyrinth (?)

Reminiscent of Snyder’s take on Superman’s Fortress of Solitude, this particular scene deserves a second look as well. Now, I can’t honestly determine if this is indeed anywhere from the Fortress of Solitude, but from the looks of this shot from the trailer, the trio of Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and Cyborg are up in arms against a formidable enemy – I can feel the weight in the Amazonian words as she is determined to mow down the enemy or enemies in front of her.

Strykers Island

However, taking into consideration the firsthand account of the guys from the Den of Geeks, then our best bet is that it may refer to the Parademon’s underground subterranean labyrinth. What secrets the army of Parademon’s have in their lair is still unknown, and in a movie as big as the Justice League, anything can happen.


…and of course, the minifigures!

lego justice league minifigs

If there is anything more exciting than the new sets that LEGO has lined up for the new Justice League film, I dare say it’s their latest minifig renditions. The looks of the Flash, Batman, Cyborg, Aquaman, and Wonder Woman all deserves newer iterations. A lot can be said about the looks of our DC Comics superheroes, but I’ll let these character posters do the talking.  Images courtesy of Warner Bros.

Aquaman Justice League Character Poster HD Wonder Woman Justice League Poster 1 The Flash Justice League Poster 1 Cyborg Justice League Poster HD Batman Justice League Poster HD


So what do you think brick fans? Do you have any particular Justice League scenes that you want to see in their brickfied forms? Share us your suggestions in the comments below or join in the discussions over at our Facebook page. Justice League lands in cinemas on November 17 of this year.



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