Brick Show Blog Ranks #4 In Feedspot’s Top 50 LEGO Blogs and Websites.

Feedspot, a webservice that also acts as a modern RSS reader, occasionally releases its Top 50 blogs and websites based on certain search and social metrics, and recently, they’ve released their list of Top 50 Blogs and Websites on the Web for LEGO Fans. Though I’m not quite sure on how the site specifically determines its ranking (my best, geeky guess is that it uses data from social media such as from Facebook and Twitter, and Amazon’s Alexa), I am genuinely thankful to see that our site has made it to the #4 spot, behind Brick Set, The Brothers Brick, and LEGO’s YouTube channel. Feedspot’s list of other candidates is impressive as well, with many other LEGO fan sites that I am very much familiar with, and frequently visit.

lego transparent 1000px1We’re not doing it just for the numbers, and we are thankful for all you guys out there who deemed our site, and all the things that we feature, worthy of being shared with other like-minded LEGO fans. Believe me, it’s not a walk in the park coming up with news and content worthy of that brilliant and creative mind of yours, but this kind of recognition helps us take that extra step during those long, sleep-deprived nights (ok, sorry for that sentimentality). Be rest assured that we’re planning to scale new heights as we introduce new features and content that every LEGO fan at heart will appreciate.

If you’re keeping tabs with our YouTube channel, you may have noticed that we have started a new series called the Monster Series – LEGO Tutorials with Tyler where we have LEGO master builder Tyler Clites giving us a walkthrough on LEGO building techniques that will help you create your very own brick-built monster. This week, we’re featuring Slurgg, our slow-moving but adorably cute slimy monster!

The first episode of our Brick List Series also made its debut a few days ago featuring the Top 5 Best LEGO Stores Around The World. We hope to bring you a condensed list of the strangest, rarest, biggest, and most interesting and incredible LEGO sets and related news on the face of the planet, of course, given a Brick Show twist.

Brick Show Gaming has also received a massive boost thanks to our in-house gaming guru Brian, where he delivers the best LEGO video games walkthrough that you can ever find on YouTube. Name any LEGO video game that you have in mind and I’m pretty sure Brian has it all covered.

So on behalf of Jason and Stephen, and the rest of the Brick Show Team, thank you once again for helping us reach this spot. We owe it you guys!


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