A Look at Fan-Build Interpretations of What the future LEGO Overwatch Sets Might Be Like

When word got out that LEGO and Activision Blizzard have entered into an agreement for licensing and releasing a series of toys about the latter’s hot FPS title Overwatch, it certainly triggered a lot of healthy discussion. After all, what LEGO sets can one make of a game of shooting?

A lot of LEGO builders in years past have done their own interpretations of Overwatch in LEGO. Now with an official release being put in the works, the efforts of these builders of not have caught attention of other fans that play the game, offering a tease to the future.

The first most likely candidate product line for LEGO Overwatch is in BrickHeadz, touted as LEGO’s reply to the prominence of Funko and its Pop! figures. A LEGO builder known on flickr as curtydc has created possible BrickHeadz designs for characters like Bastion and Widowmaker, as you can see below:

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Collectable Minifigures are another branch of LEGO that would do great for Overwatch. The game does have a large number of characters by now, divided into heroes and baddies for plenty of sprawling set-building fun. Biao Custom, also on flickr, provides us with this sample:

Lego Overwatch Minifigures

Larger character figures can be rendered in less common lines like brick builds, similar to the human figures often used on building displays at LEGOLAND’s Miniland areas. From Korea, 한성욱 gives us this:

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Or it could be the “Constraction Figures” that was used in LEGO Star Wars. The possibilities are as endless as the imagination. It’ll be a blast waiting for when LEGO’s actual sets for Activision Blizzard’s Overwatch come out, so we can compare with these custom-made marvels by expert LEGO builders.

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