A Look at the Latest LEGO Ninjago Movie Posters.

We’re just counting the days before we tap on that inner ninja, and swing our way into theaters to see The LEGO Ninjago Movie. Promotions are also revving up via social media prior to the film’s US screening on September 22, particularly with the release of a new batch of pretty interesting TLNM posters. Since a couple of months ago, Warner Bros have released a series of new posters, including our ninjas alongside their mechs, and elemental affinity. This time around, we have not one but as it seems, two new series of posters that highlight our ninja heroes and their respective voice actors (and actress).

Courtesy of Fandango, this series offers a closer look at our main characters amidst their elemental backdrops.

01 legoninjago posters LLOYD 2764x4096 rev master
02 legoninjago posters GARMADON 2764x4096 master
03 legoninjago posters WU 2764x4096 master
04 legoninjago posters NYA 2764x4096 master
05 legoninjago posters COLE 2764x4096 master
06 legoninjago posters JAY 2764x4096 master
07 legoninjago posters KAI 2764x4096 master
08 legoninjago posters ZANE 2764x4096 master
09 legoninjago posters KOKO 2764x4096 master

Though it seems that this next series is incomplete, I hope LEGO and Warner Bros still has plenty of these posters in the works. As of the moment, we only have the character posters of Lloyd, Naya and Sensei Wu beautifully rendered in Japanese-inspired, woodblock-type, prints. Among these series, I personally prefer this one.

BlockArt Lloyd
BlockArt Nya
BlockArt Sensei Wu

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