A Story Worth Telling Over a Nice Plate of Sushi.

The Final Round of the famed Iron Builder has come to an end, and its surely one crazy, cool month of awesome builds coming from top caliber LEGO master builders. Now that the month-long MOC bashing is finally over between Chris Maddison and Cecilie Fritzvold, it’s time to kick off your shoes, share a nice meal, and perhaps write down the story behind this competition to inspire future builders.

With the Tile 2×3 with Angle as the seed part, Chris came up with his final build to encourage the audience to remember well what happened during the month-long contest, while perhaps sharing their own stories and MOCs at the same time. The use of the seed part in this MOC is absolutely brilliant.

Tell Your Story

Cecilie on the other hand, would like to relax a little bit and let her ‘culinary’ creativity flow. As a parting gift to all who stayed tuned in this month’s Iron Builder contest, she came up with a brick-built sushi conveyor belt that is an absolute visual feast.


The judges still need to render their decision and declare this season’s Iron Builder Champion, and may I say, I surely hate to be in their shoes right now. Who do you think will emerge as the victor? What MOC do you like best? Share what you think in the comments below.



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