Additional 2018 LEGO Elves Sets Revealed

I’m not really that familiar with the LEGO Elves theme, but judging from the positive reception that it received during the New York Toy Fair, it looks like the LEGO Group is keeping tabs with this mini-doll, fantasy-themed sets and has plans to add more to its roster. Last December, we reported on this year’s first batch of LEGO Elves that is now currently available at and Amazon.

This time, the battle between the elves and the forces of darkness continues with the inclusion of two additional sets highlighting additional elemental creatures in the series. Check out their official box art below, with more information which be found at Radio Kontrol’s Italian site.

These two new LEGO Elves sets are expected to hit stores starting early this Summer.

Emily & Noctura’s Showdown (41195)

41195 1

Take part in the Emily & Noctura’s Showdown (41195)! Master the Sword of Light and use its incredible powers! Jump on Lumia with Emily Jones and go in search of Noctura, in her chilling bats’ workshop. Wait … but what’s going on inside? Noctura is bringing his evil plan to life by creating hordes of bats! Be careful … especially when Noctura jumps on her carriage and use her dark magic to chase you. Can you defeat Noctura and foil her evil plan? 


The Elvenstar Tree Bat Attack (41196)

41196 1

Explore the mysteries of the Elvenstar tree in this fantastic LEGO® Elves The Elvenstar Tree Bat Attack (41196)! Go up the tree and use the star map and telescope to view the sky. Then come down and check the waterfall with Blubeary, before training with the crossbow with one of the elves. Hey, what’s behind the branch? Oohh, a secret portal and … bats! Be careful, Noctura is trying to get in! Can you stop her and protect Elvendale? 

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