New 2018 LEGO Juniors Summer Sets Revealed

It looks like Radio Kontrol is not yet over with the reveals, and this time around, they’re giving us better images of this year’s summer LEGO Juniors sets. We already know that there are two, new LEGO Juniors sets to be released sometime this summer as printed at the back of the building instructions for the collectible LEGO Incredibles 2 Edna minifigure. It was revealed that additional Junior sets will be listed under the LEGO Disney theme, particularly Belle’s Story Time (10762) and Ariel’s Underwater Concert (10765). Though the latter is still not listed at Radio Kontrol, the former plus two additional LEGO Juniors sets have just been revealed following both the City and Friends themes.

Though LEGO Juniors is designed primarily for kids who just started with the LEGO hobby, some sets come with rare parts and minifigs that LEGO fans find very tempting to collect. For example, Stephanie’s Lakeside House (10763) has a mini guitar piece that is quite rare, which can only be found in the LEGO CMF Series 16 Mariachi Guy (71013), LEGO Friends Andrea’s Speedboat Transporter (41316), and last year’s modular LEGO Creator Assembly Square (10255).

These latest LEGO Juniors sets are expected to be available early this summer. Check out their respective box arts courtesy again of Radio Kontrol.

LEGO Juniors Belle’s Story Time (10762)

10762 1 1


LEGO Juniors Stephanie’s Lakeside House (10763)

10763 1


LEGO Juniors City Central Airport (10764)

10764 1

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