Additional LEGO Friends Summer 2018 Set Images

Last April, we saw a huge number of LEGO Friends Summer 2018 set images that were released by Amazon France. This latest summer offering features a new go-kart theme, plus new sets to add to the ever expanding Heartlake City. However, eagle-eyed readers notice the absence of two particular sets from the series, hinted by the gap in the series numbers.

This time, we have images of those sets, two in particular, that were not originally listed by Amazon France. The first being the Heartlake City Airplane (41343) and next to that is the Heartlake City Pet Center (41345). Let’s take a look.

Heartlake City Airplane (41343)

41345 3 41345 4 41345 2

Heartlake City Pet Center (41345)

41345 5 41345 6 41345 1


To check the rest of the LEGO Friends Summer 2018 sets, click here. These sets are scheduled to be available next month so be on the lookout if you like to collect these sets.

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