All Aboard?! The LEGO Gingerbread Train

I know it isn’t even Halloween yet. But, this isn’t the repetitively overplayed stock Christmas song a season and a half too early… Koen (The Swan Dutchman), just created the most adorable winter gingerbread scene.37867655566 ddb09b7741 z

The build skill shows the most in the how well everything just seems to flow together. This looks as polished as an official Lego set. And even the light star twinkles make it look like it belongs on the next Lego Ideas project list.24069838358 ab94346aa7 z

I never would have guessed that a rainbow colored Fabuland-esque style build could so readily capture everything so yummy about a Gingerbread house.

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And then yes… there is literally icing on the cake.

Fabulous details, for a wonderfully near edible model.

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