Amazing MOC of LEGO Creator Downtown Diner (10260): Downtown Cars Showroom

The LEGO Creator Downtown Diner (10260) is fairly fresh out on the store shelves, but already some Builders have seen the many MOC possibilities in the 3-story, 2480-piece building set to begin trying out their own customizations. That of course should be obvious from the look of the box image.

10260 Box1 v39

One of those Builders that have begun sharing images of their Downtown Diner (10260) MOCs is brickdance9. The latest photo on his Instagram account shows his transformation of a diner into an auto dealership showroom and garage, which is named Downtown Cars. The results are amazing and just so photogenic.

Like many MOC Builders, brickdance9 was able to use only the existing number of blocks on an official set and reconfigure them into something new. In fact, the only element not part of LEGO Creator Downtown Diner (10260) is the LEGO Speed Champions Mercedes AMG GT3 (75877) on floor 2.

Only the most awesome automobile makers would have showrooms that have cars anywhere other than the ground floor. And the Speed Champions Mercedes (75877) looks so integral to the Downtown Cars MOC that you’d think it was part of the original 10260 set design, like the retro pink convertible below.

Just looking at brickdance9’s MOC would be enough to inspire even casual LEGO Builders to try really letting their imagination run wild. He’s not the only one posting custom designs online, but his Downtown Cars creation is one of the best out of a new set, currently available on

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