Amazon France Releases More Official Images of 2017 LEGO Nexo Knights Summer Sets.

This piece of news has been floating around for quite some time, but seems to have fallen off the radar. LEGO is definitely preparing the way for its next batch of offerings, as its servers have been gradually uploading official images of its summer sets slated to be released in June. We already saw the additional images of this year’s MCU-themed sets, which includes those from LEGO Marvel Superheroes’ Spiderman Homecoming and Thor: Ragnarok.  This time, Amazon France released additional images of the LEGO Nexo Knights summer sets, with a scheduled release date of June 1. These sets include the vehicles and stone army monsters as seen in Season 4 of the series. LEGO servers don’t include them yet in their database, but since Amazon France has taken the initiative of listing them for pre-order, it will not be long until we see them posted at as well.

I understand that not everyone is that optimistic nor excited about the Nexo Knights theme, with some pointing out to its relatively unattractive, seemingly hodgepodge design only to be worsened by its unappealling, translucent blue and orange color scheme. There are even rumors floating around that LEGO might be pulling the plug on the Nexo Knights theme, even to the extent of not releasing this year’s summer sets. However, as we can see from Amazon’s French website, there is still life on this underrated theme. I guess we just have to wait and see for what the future holds for our heroes of Knighton. For the mean time, let’s take a look at these images.


The Heligoyle (70353); Price: $29.99; Pieces: 318

70353 1 e1495048088860 70353 5 70353 2 70353 4


Axl’s Rumble Maker (70354); Price: $39.99; Pieces: 318

70354 1 e1495048186559 70354 4 70354 2 70354 3


Aaron’s Rock Climber (70355); Price: $59.99; Pieces: 598

70355 4 e1495048284553 70355 2 70355 5 70355 1


The Stone Colossus of Ultimate Destruction (70356); Price: $69.99; Pieces: 785

70356 1 70356 4 70356 3 70356 2


Knighton Castle (70357); Price: $129.99; Pieces: 1426

70357 1 e1495048415931 70357 3 e1495048479546 70357 5 70357 4


Aaron’s Stone Destroyer (70358); Price: $24.99; Pieces: 251

70358 1 e1495049086661 70358 2

70358 alt2 70358 alt3


Macy’s Bot Drop Dragon (70361); Price: $14.99; Pieces: 153

70361 1 e1495049326775 70361 4 70361 5 70361 3




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