More Official Images of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Thor: Ragnarok Now Up.

It seems that LEGO’s servers have more to offer recently other than the official images of the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Spiderman Homecoming sets which we shared earlierThis time, LEGO has uploaded more images of its next MCU-themed sets in line with Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok. This next MCU film is the third to be offered this year, with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 jumpstarting things earlier this month (by the way, be sure to check Tyler’s awesome UCS Milano MOC), to be followed by Spiderman Homecoming in July, and Thor: Ragnarok in November. 2017 is truly a great year to be a LEGO Marvel Superheroes fan!

Box art (place holders only) of the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Thor: Ragnarok sets, along with those from Spiderman Homecoming, were first shown during the Nuremburg Toy Fair in Germany last January. However, since the release of the film’s official teaser trailer last month, more and more info has been revealed about these LEGO Marvel sets, which also gives us a glimpse of what will probably happen in the film. Such an early release of these images also gives me a feeling that we might soon see the official images of LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes’ Justice League sets. If you recall, we shared a report regarding the unofficial release of an image lifted from LEGO’s catalogue that show pictures of these sets. In response to the LEGO Group’s request, we have them removed from our site due to possible spoilers about the film.

As I mentioned before, since these images from the Thor: Ragnarok sets are now officially uploaded to LEGO servers, we can expect their product descriptions and release dates to be announced soon.


LEGO Marvel Super Heroes The Ultimate Battle for Asgard (76084); Pieces: 400; Price: $49.99, 54.99€

76084 1 e1495038086762 76084 4 76084 10 76084 8 76084 9 76084 7 76084 3 e1495038159225 76084 5 e1495038225675

76084 2 e1495038297193          76084 6 e1495038394236



LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Thor vs. Hulk: Arena Clash (76088); Pieces: 492; Price: $59.99, 69.99€

76088 1 e1495038819735 76088 7 76088 6 76088 9 76088 5 76088 4 e1495038892286 76088 3 e1495039143651 76088 8 e1495039612678 76088 2



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