An Early Look At The LEGO Dimensions Powerpuff Girls Buttercup Minifigure!

Though LEGO Dimensions has been in hot water recently due to the rumors surrounding its supposed cancellation, we are still getting what Warner Bros. Interactive and TT Games have promised. While Wave 8 of LEGO Dimensions is yet to be released on May 9, we are now getting more news on the next wave of this year’s LEGO Dimensions sets. The internet has been rife of images and stills from the yet-to-be revealed Wave 9 of LEGO Dimensions, particularly those from certain packs such as the Powerpuff Girls and Beetlejuice, and thanks to a report by, we now have confirmation from Cartoon Network that the girls will be arriving in LEGO Dimensions, both in Team and Fun Pack versions. Here’s a quote from CN’s press release.

The Powerpuff Girls LEGO DIMENSIONS – LEGO DIMENSIONS, the LEGO toy and videogame hybrid, is adding The Powerpuff Girls to its roster with a new Team Pack and Fun Pack. The Team Pack features Blossom and Bubbles minifigures, and the Fun Pack completes the team with Buttercup. Both packs give access to the Townsville Hub area where players can fly around Townsville and see sights like Pokey Oaks elementary, City Hall, Rainbow Land, the Pickle Museum and of course the girls’ home base complete with Professor Utonium’s lab. 

Even though Wave 9 is still expected to be released during the third quarter of this year (probably sometime in August), Jason managed to have an early look and review of Buttercup’s minifigure as found in the LEGO Dimensions Powerpuff Girls Fun Pack.

buttercup buttercup 2

As you can see, Buttercup’s minifigure is true to her original design, with her prominently large head, green eyes and short legs. The headpiece itself is made of a single molded piece. Watch Jason’s review below for more details.

As of to date, Wave 9 is said to be composed of the following Team and Fun Packs

  • LEGO Dimensions Teen Titans GO! Team Pack (71254)
  • LEGO Dimensions Teen Titans GO! Fun Pack (71255)
  • LEGO Dimensions Powerpuff Girls Team Pack (featuring Blossoms and Bubbles)
  • LEGO Dimensions Powerpuff Girls Fun Pack (featuring Buttercup)
  • LEGO Dimensions Lord Vortech Fun Pack
  • LEGO Dimensions Ghostbusters Reboot Fun Pack
  • LEGO Dimensions Beetlejuice (TBA)


Wave 9 is expected to be the last wave of LEGO Dimensions for its Year 2 offering.





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