Another Christmas Seasonal Set Revealed – The Christmas Train (40262).

A week ago, we shared a piece of news regarding this year’s LEGO Seasonal Set Town Square Christmas (40263). This particular LEGO theme has proven itself to be quite popular among LEGO fans, especially with its vignette build design, and decorative value. Perhaps in a similar vein, LEGO saw the attractiveness of these seasonal sets and just in time for the holidays, TLG has not come with just one, but two Christmas Seasonal sets for this year.

Thanks to a lead pointed out by Hoth Bricks, we now confirmation that there are two LEGO Christmas seasonal sets that will be offered this year: The Town Square Christmas (40263) and the newer Christmas Train and Market Stalls (40262). The tip came from a certain Almir Sadovic who posted the following images at the AFOL Facebook group, BrickGeekz.

lego 40262 christmas seasonal set
lego 40263 christmas seasonal set

The first image that we have of the Town Square Christmas (40263) is a bit grainy, but thanks to these images posted by Almir, we can have a closer look at them. If you’ll notice, both Seasonal sets features three minifigures each, and if were to be combined together depicts a festive, Christmas market vibe. I like how the modular stalls are created, with each stall featuring a particular item or product on sale. For set 40263, we have like a desert/pretzel stand, while 40262 features a coffee shop and what seems to be like a bread and pastry shop (not really sure about this though). Each set also features a lamp post which is a nice build in itself – one being a train stop and the other with an attached mail box.

Noticeably, each seasonal set compliments the other with the 40262 featuring a mini train and 40263 featuring a miniature Christmas Tree with detailed railings. Both sets are expected to be available at either in late September or October and will retail at $9.99 each.

In related news, rumor has it that LEGO is about to reveal its second exclusive set as mentioned in their September Store Calendar. We have information from Promo Bricks that this is another LEGO Creator Expert set that will be released alongside the much-talked about (and teased) LEGO Star Wars UCS Millennium Falcon. The said LEGO Creator Expert set also has a winter holiday motif so it’s exciting to see how this will turn out. If this is the case, this will be the fifth D2C Creator Expert set that we will see with a Christmas yuletide theme similar to the likes of 2013’s Winter Village Market (10235), 2014’s Santa’s Workshop (10245), 2015’s Winter Toy Shop (10249), and last year’s Winter Holiday Train (10254). For those of us who would like to decorate our little Christmas corners with LEGO bricks, then these LEGO Creator Expert sets along with this year’s new Seasonal sets, are must haves to add some sparkle in this year’s festive yuletide celebrations.

10235 1
Winter Village Market (10235)
10245 1
Santa’s Workshop (10245)
10249 1
Winter Toy Shop (10249)
10254 1
Winter Holiday Train (10254)



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