Are We To See The End of NEXO Knights Anytime Soon?

A piece of not-so-good news (I guess depending on how you look at it) just came out from Brickset a few moments ago. According to an excerpt found from this month’s subscription of Blocks Magazine says, and to quote:

“..rumour has it that [NEXO Knights] is being cancelled and the summer sets may not even be released”

The article didn’t say when and where the rumor emerged, nor did we see this coming since there has been no hint of its cancellation from any of our sources. However, it is painful to realize, from The LEGO Group’s perspective, that the NEXO Knights as a theme may seem to have failed in delivering the sales or the expected return-on-investment that it hopes to see. Furthermore, it is not surprising for TLG to pull the plug from its theme even if announcements have been made regarding prior releases such as in the case of the rumored cancellation of LEGO Dimensions.

It is not that the theme itself is not worthy of praise. In my opinion, the NEXO Knights is perhaps one of LEGO’s most visually stunning theme, introducing an array of excellently designed sets and elements. It is labelled as one of LEGO’s ‘Big Bang’ theme with TLG shelling out a significant amount of investment. However, unlike Friends or Ninjago which has stood well for more than five years, NEXO Knights seems to have lost its initial appeal. Again, it’s not that the sets are not that impressive. Perhaps it may only suggest that the idea of a fusion between medieval warriors and high-tech weaponry is not really enough to call the attention of all LEGO fans. I even know of several AFOLs who even consider the NEXO Knights sets as an ‘abomination’ of the much loved Castle theme. At the end of the day, I guess it boils down into personal preferences.

Please take this piece of news with a grain of salt, and take note that the Blocks Magazine article does not directly state that NEXO Knights will be cancelled nor the summer sets will not be released. Nevertheless, we’ll keep a close eye on this and only time can tell if we will eventually see the curtain fall on our heroes from Knighton, suffering the same fate as that of Mixels and Bionicle.

Issue #31 of Blocks Magazine is set to be released on April 20 in the UK and 21 in North America, so we hope to learn more about this piece of news by then. For now, care to share your thoughts in the comments below, or head over our Facebook page to join the discussion.




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