LEGO Star Wars The Last Jedi Euro Pricing Revealed.

More information is starting to crawl regarding the LEGO Star Wars The Last Jedi sets courtesy of a Danish online LEGO retailer. The pricing of these sets, including their respective, blackened confidential boxes removedwere immediately by the site’s admin after its posting, but not without having some slick Bothan over at Eurobricks picking up on the intel. was also quick in passing the info when it listed the sets’ prices in Euros as we can see below. Additionally, Brickset has provided their probable value both in USD and GBP, though these are yet to be confirmed.

Image courtesy of ProfessorBrickkeeper.

We can expect seven particular sets under this initial wave of offerings, with four additional buildable figures added to the roster.

LEGO Star Wars 75176 – €39.99 – (£29.99, $29.99)
LEGO Star Wars 75177 – €59.99 – (£54.99, $49.99)
LEGO Star Wars 75179 – €79.99 – (£74.99, $79.99)
LEGO Star Wars 75187 – €99.99 – (£84.99, $89.99)
LEGO Star Wars 75188 – €109.99 – (£99.99, $109.99)
LEGO Star Wars 75189 – €139.99 – (£129.99, $139.99)
LEGO Star Wars 75190 – €149.99 – (£139.99, $149.99)

LEGO Star Wars The Last Jedi Buildable Figures

LEGO Star Wars 75526 – €19.99 – (£14.99, $19.99)
LEGO Star Wars 75528 – €24.99 – (£19.99, $24.99)
LEGO Star Wars 75529 – €24.99 – (£19.99, $24.99)
LEGO Star Wars 75530 – €34.99 – (£29.99, $34.99)

Again, these conversions in US Dollars and British Pounds are just rough estimates. Though we still have plenty of time to wait until the official images are released just before this year’s Force Friday kicks in on September 1, the interesting thing about these prices is that it provide us with an idea on the possible sizes of these sets given their price points. For example at $139.99 and being the second largest set in the wave, 75189 may likewise be on the same league in terms of size as compared to Captain Rex’s AT-TE (75157) as pointed out by VaderFan2187 over at Eurobricks. Are we to see a toned down version of the rumored AT-4X as we included in our TLJ wishlist? We certainly hope so. How about you? What do you think?


Kudos to ProfessorBrickkeeper for (finally) adding a minifig version to the ever-growing fan base of TLJ poster memes.



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