Be The Ninja You Wanted to Be With These LEGO Ninjago Movie Character Posters.

Building on the excitement of the previously released images of the LEGO Ninjago Movie sets, collectible minifigures and the announcement of its official video game, comes a set of nature-themed character posters of our LEGO Ninjago heroes. Earlier, USA Today has shared new and exclusive movie posters that highlight the characters’ unique personalities and interesting bios. Take a look.



Master Wu







636342834106129700 NJGO VERT ELEMENT Kai DOM 2764x4096 master rev 1 636342834547927364 NJGO VERT ELEMENT Zane DOM 2764x4096 master rev 1 636342834522343036 NJGO VERT ELEMENT Nya DOM 2764x4096 master rev 1 636342834023916646 NJGO VERT ELEMENT Jay DOM 2764x4096 master rev 1 636342833975244022 NJGO VERT ELEMENT Cole DOM 2764x4096 master rev 1 636342834006288420 NJGO VERT ELEMENT Koko DOM 2764x4096 master rev 1 636342834572107674 NJGO VERT ELEMENT Wu DOM 2764x4096 master rev 1 636342833984136136 NJGO VERT ELEMENT Garmadon DOM 2764x4096 master rev 1TLNM poster

The LEGO Ninjago Movie will jump into US theaters on September 22, 2017, with its official LEGO sets scheduled to be released to the public on August 1.



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