Bear Parker of Traveller’s Tales Makes Tribute LEGO Intro of Sitcom “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” In Wake of Fox Cancellation and NBC Renewal

The five seasons that Brooklyn Nine-Nine enjoyed ever since premiering on Fox in 2013 shows that there’s still a significant audience for police procedural sitcoms. One of these fans is Bear Parker, Community Manager for TT Games Global. So upon hearing of the show’s cancellation, he was spurred to act.

Upon hearing Fox’s decision to cancel Brooklyn Nine-Nine on May 10, Parker decided to make a tribute to the sitcom starring Andy Samberg, by recreating the show’s intro in 3D LEGO animation. Why is this? It’s because TT Games Global is Traveller’s Tales, developer of LEGO videogames through WB Interactive.

Of course, rendering 3D animation is a lengthy and involved process, even if the finished product (see below) is only 20 seconds long. By the time Parks was done, it was May 11 and there was great news: NBC has picked up Brooklyn Nine-Nine for Season 6 with their network.

And with that, Bear Parker’s tribute to the end of the police sitcom was turned into a celebration that Brooklyn Nine-Nine will carry on with the comic misadventures of the people at NYPD 99th Precinct. This is also the latest of Parker’s personal 3D-animated recreations, seen at his YouTube Channel.

In a stroke of coincidence, Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s star Andy Samberg co-wrote the theme song of 2014’s The LEGO Movie, nominated at the Oscars for Best Song. While that doesn’t necessarily mean a future LEGO Brooklyn Nine-Nine game, it’s fun to imagine. Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6 premieres on NBC in 2019.

Author: Albert Balanza

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