A Whole New Way of Teaching History Using Custom LEGO Minifigures From United Bricks

It’s common knowledge to all LEGO fan circles that The LEGO Group has deliberately veered away in creating sets that display or allude to scenes that pertain to previous war events in history, or that which has a particular military theme. Noble as it may, there are older LEGO fans who would love to see those old warships, tanks, and artillery rendered in LEGO bricks. And this is not just for the sake of building them, but also using them as interactive visual aids in teaching history and significant world events.

If you belong to this circle of LEGO fans who would love to depict this momentous historical world events in LEGO bricks and wish to have a set of accurately designed custom LEGO minifigs to go with it, then United Bricks is the go-to place for excellently crafted, military-themed custom LEGO minifigures.

image 1 image 2United Bricks is a fusion of LEGO MOC building and warfare history combined. They specialize in recreating military themed minifigures that are historically accurate as possible, and in fact, have already created a rather extensive line of custom made minifigures that represent some of the momentous battles in history. Whether it be the Red Coats, Confederate Soldiers, or Japanese and French World War II soldiers, United Bricks have all of these covered. Not only do they do an exceptional job in providing details for the minifig’s uniforms, they also manage to include highly detailed accessories and weaponry. Check out some of these below.

image 6 image 4 image 3 image 5

For this month of May, fans of their custom creations are in for a treat since they are adding a new a series of minifigures and items that highlights the military personnel of Early World War II. Dubbed as Blitzkrieg Month, United Bricks has launched a new line of custom minifigs that depicts WWII German and Allied Soldiers. The best part of this is that, for a limited time only, they are offering these custom made minifigs for 10% of their original price. Simply enter the coupon code BShowUB10 to avail of the discount upon checkout when you visit their product page.


So if you’re into creating historically accurate, military-inspired MOCs and builds, then be sure to keep tabs with United Bricks, and watch out for their upcoming releases. For now you may to visit the rest of their products right here. While you’re at it, take a trip in history with this informative video on the Battle of Palelie in 1944 using United Bricks’ custom LEGO minifigs amidst an impressive MOC battlefield. Happy building!


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