Vintage BMW R60/2 Motorcycle Gets 10K LEGO Ideas Support, But Will It Be Allowed?

The LEGO Ideas platform has been the place to go when there’s a dream set a builder would like to be officially interpreted in LEGO. And indeed, quite the number of model vehicles, buildings, and so on has been released in that line. But some may not, even with support.

And we’re not talking about the entries that don’t get past the Review Stages either. We’ll take the example of this particular project by LEGO Ideas member maximecheng03. He created a LEGO motorcycle, scaled just enough to fit any LEGO Constraction model character sitting astride it. It’s certainly a beauty.

But there’s a problem. This Ideas motorcycle is a replica of a real model, the BMW R60/2 with twin engines. Herein lies the snag: apparently BMW is on LEGO’s list of so-called “restricted licenses”, as in they couldn’t – or wouldn’t – make any LEGO merchandise based on anything those licenses cover.

So although maximecheng03’s BMW R60/2 motorcycle did just recently hit the needed 10,000 support record needed, the fact that LEGO is restricted from making products tied by license to BMW means it probably won’t be included in the 2018 First Review Stage. That’d be unfortunate if the list isn’t that strict.

For now, the number of recent LEGO Ideas submissions that are in for the upcoming review phase stands at nine, with the latest addition being a yabba-dabba-doo-tastic rendition of The Flinstones home, car, and character minifigures. Much as it’d be nice for maximecheng03 to get in, it doesn’t look good.

Author: Albert Balanza

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