LEGO Creative Storybook (40291) – First Seen on LEGO Germany Promo Flyer

It’s starting to look like Germany may be trying to pull a turnaround where it comes to the trend of decreasing popularity (and sales) for LEGO in that country lately. They’ve already set up a “Make & Take” event there at local Toys R Us stores (German ones still operating).

Now, LEGO Germany is getting the drop on most other major markets around the world with the release of their promo flyer for May-June 2018. One of these items is a limited-time giveaway set that might look familiar to those who’ve been keeping up with LEGO Ideas’ currently-running Reviews Stage.

Said giveaway is from the LEGO Creative Storybook (40291), featuring Denmark’s eternally remembered author of fairy tales, Han Christian Andersen. The design is a diorama shaped like a pop-up storybook, with Hans writing a story on one page while the other side depicts a scene from The Ugly Duckling.

There’s been no word yet on when the Creative Storybook (40291) will be made available for sale or promo giveaway outside of Germany. For now, the set is available to LEGO Shop customers in that country for every total purchase of at least €65. The promo also runs from June 4-24.

Meanwhile, the ongoing LEGO Ideas 2017 Third Review Stage also includes a submission called Pop-Up Book by JK Brickworks. It looks like a larger take on the LEGO Creative Storybook set. One must wonder if the similarity might preclude Pop-Up book from passing now, but the final decision’s still a ways off.

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