Now Has A New Look!

Just in case you’ve noticed, things are kind of quiet with for the past few days. Jason and the rest of the Brick Show team have been playing around with the idea of revamping our site’s look and layout design, and after a few days of crunching data and coding, we are now happy to present to you our faster and more optimized website!

If you’re a frequent visitor here in our blogsite, you may have noticed also that the site tends to load slowly as compared to others. No, there is no problem with your browser, hardware or internet connection – it so happens that our previous site has plenty of features that tend to consume a relatively large amount of resources that causes the pages to load more slowly than usual. To remedy this, we now streamlined our blog content to feature only the most important parts of the site which focuses mainly on LEGO-related news, MOCs, reviews, and events all happening under the LEGO brick-built sun.

You may have also noticed that as of the moment, we have removed access to our Brick Show database where we curate all the known LEGO sets that were reviewed by Jason and Stephen since their inception of the Brick Show. We decided that removing the database is the right direction to take since we want to encourage our audience and subscribers to see more of our YouTube channel’s content and other cool stuff.

TBS screenshot

The changes that we introduced in our Brick Show blogsite are still works in progress. We’ll be adding more awesome surprises during the next few days, so I hope you’ll stay tuned and keep tabs with us. You may also reach out to us and the rest of our Brick Show community through social media, particularly via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. We included several handy links at the bottom of every blog page so you can easily jump to them.

So what can you say about these changes? What particular blog feature or design do you want to suggest, if any? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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