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The LEGO Batman Movie has caught the world by storm, and with rave reviews that the film is currently enjoying, LEGO levels up the excitement by offering a slew of cool freebies for every purchase at As announced in the LEGO February Store Calendar, every purchase at LEGO’s online store entitles you to a free character poster for the week. These posters feature the characters of Harley Quinn, Batman, Batgirl, and Robin every week respectively, with Batman up for grabs for this week’s promotions. There are tons of TLBM posters that are currently available from other retailers and suppliers in case you want to go all-out Bat-crazy with them. We just hope that these free posters will come in tubes so as not to cause any unsightly creases on these collectibles. Take a closer look.

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If collecting all the TLBM minifigures is your thing, then European LEGO fans are in for a better treat. As of this writing, the LEGO Batman Movie Disco Batman and Tears of Batman (30607) are given away for FREE for every single receipt purchase of ANY LEGO products worth 55 Euros.

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This polybag is added automatically at in Europe once the qualifying purchase has been met, and will be available until February 26 or until supplies last. According to Brickset, US fans who are eager to have these exclusive, need not fret because this free promotional will go up live just in time for the worldwide launch of the movie on February 10. So if you’re aiming to have these TLBM minifigs, then you may want to hold on to those trigger fingers and wait a few days more.


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