Check Out These LEGO Worlds Unlock Codes.

LEGO World is now out to the general public, and it is only now that we’re beginning to unravel LEGO’s digital toy box video game. True to its promise, LEGO Worlds allows players to explore the vast world of LEGO, with several crossovers from LEGO’s most popular themes. Players can now access various digital versions of recent 2017 Nexo Knights and City sets by entering the unlock codes that come with the physical building instructions of these sets.

code4 code3 code2 code1

As pointed out by Bricks to Life, these codes are not unique for each purchased set so it can be shared with friends and other players. Check out these codes and give them a try, courtesy of Bricks to Life.

As of this writing, it seems that only LEGO Nexo Knights and City sets are unlocked in the game, but we’re pretty sure that will get to see more digital versions of this year’s LEGO sets through DLCs or other upcoming product codes. So stay tuned here at Brick Show for more LEGO Worlds update.



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