LEGO BrickHeadz Justice League Tactical Batman and Superman 2-pack (41610) Coming In May

We’ve finally got the nitty-gritty about what LEGO’s going to be up to next month, with the release of the LEGO Store May promotional calendar that we’ve covered earlier. LEGO Star Wars, most especially the tie-in merchandise for the Solo spinoff, occupied prominent spots, but there was space for other fandoms too.

For instance, at the back of the calendar there was a small box announcing an upcoming new BrickHeadz set with two figures of DC characters. It should be noted that Superman already has a prior BrickHeadz version of himself with the Superman & Wonder Woman (41490) SDCC exclusive while Batman has two: the Batman & The Joker (41491), also another 2016 SDCC exclusive, and the LEGO Batman Movie Batman BrickHeadz (41585).  This time around, they’re making a comeback now rendered in Justice League looks.

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This new LEGO BrickHeadz set is a 2-pack of Batman in his “Tactical” armored suit and Superman of course, as seen in the Warner Bros. DCEU film Justice League from last year. The LEGO DC Justice League BrickHeadz Tactical Batman and Superman (41610) both features design aesthetics as seen from the characters in the Justice League film – from the lines in Superman’s suit to Batman’s “abdominal armor” detailing.

As with most other LEGO BrickHeadz twofer packages, this newest addition will be priced at $19.99 when it comes out in May. With their release, all members of the movie-version Justice League will have gotten BrickHeadz adaptations, making for a nice little collection.

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