New LEGO Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Baby Velociraptor Playpen (30382) Polybag Appears

Here’s another unlikely find. It looks like LEGO is still not done with its tiny, little surprises, which this time, comes in a small package. Just in time before the LEGO Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom sets are released this month, Promobricks revealed that the theme will be having another polybag set under its belt. Following its very first polybag promo back in 2015 with the Gallimimus Trap (30320), it looks the Fallen Kingdom subtheme will be receiving the same treatment.

Thanks to one of Promobricks’ readers, we now have our first image of the LEGO Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Baby Velociraptor Playpen (30382) set which might be our second dino-themed JW polybag promo anytime soon. Check out its image below.30382

As you can see, the polybag consists of a Baby Velociraptor minifig (or microfig depending on how you look at it) in what looks like a playpen contraption standing on a 12X3 base, including a drumstick and some bone elements. The obvious selling point for this set is the Baby Velociraptor itself, considering that the same microfig can only be found in two recently revealed, upcoming JWFK sets: the Dilophosaurus Outpost Attack (75931) and T. Rex Transport (75933).

Details of when, where, and how to get this polybag is still scant but our best guess is that it will be available sometime  in May just in time with the film’s theatrical release.


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