LEGO BrickHeadz Back to the Future Marty & Doc 2-Pack (41611) Spotted In Target

It took quite some time, February actually, but confirmation is finally here. We know that LEGO is expanding on their BrickHeadz line this year, with the tie-ins for Solo: A Star Wars Story and the full-customization set Go Brick Me (41597), but there’re also some blasts from the past.

By that we mean that a BrickHeadz 2-pack of Marty McFly and Doc Brown from the Back to the Future franchise, rumored since two months ago, has finally been confirmed. Not only do we learn its set number – (41611) – we also have a box image, a photo taken from an actual store.

Surprised? That’s because the picture was snapped off an actual LEGO BrickHeadz Back to the Future Marty and Doc (41611) on display at a Target store, according to Brickset which posted the news. This is very interesting as it seems Target is already selling before release date.


Now, the Brickset alert didn’t mention the price for this Back to the Future BrickHeadz 2-pack, though if it’s anything like other 2-packs it’ll be around $19.99 as well. Officially releasing in May, Marty and Doc will be joining the astounding 30-plus LEGO sets coming out for this year.

You’ve got to love how Marty’s hair is translated into brick form for his figure.

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