First Look At The LEGO Star Wars BB-8 (40288) Polybag

News of it first came out Sunday this week, so considering the fact that there were so many instances of “fake news” (of the intentionally hilarious April Fools’ type) that were flying about on the first of the month, we needed to take this one with a grain of salt.

Thankfully, it would seem that this piece of new LEGO Star Wars merchandise is on the level. While only one image of the final product is available now, it’s enough to confirm the existence of a new BB-8 polybag, numbered 40288. Chances are high that this is a promotional item.

We’ve gotten to see previous versions of a LEGO BB-8 before, from the 1106-piece LEGO Star Wars BB-8 (75187) to the micro-build that was done for Make and Take on OctoberNovember of last year at Toys ‘R’ Us stores (big sigh, folks). This one’s entirely new, and the design’s certainly a beauty.

40288 1
Image courtesy of Brickset.

This is an official polybag version of BB-8 so the details as seen in the photo are accurate to the breakout droid star from the Star Wars sequel trilogy. Some its components are printed in signature BB-8 decals, though of course they can be incorporated into bigger MOCs by builders.

No further details are available just yet on the LEGO Star Wars BB-8 polybag (40288), or for the promo that it’s involved in. So far, the signs in the stars leads to the possibility that this may be related to a May the 4th promotions, but until we have solid proof, then we will continue to keep an eye for future developments. The LEGO Store Calendar for the month of May is expected to out anytime soon, and hopefully by then we will get a confirmation.


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