Hold On To Your Bricks and Check Out These Custom LEGO Nintendo Super Mario Boxes From B3

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You have probably heard already how Nintendo may have unofficially “ended” the careers of brothers Mario and Luigi when they made a brief appearance for this year’s Nintendo Switch Super Smash Bros. Ultimate promotional videos. However, it is still open to debate whether or not this will be a part of Nintendo’s canon, or they are just there floating around somewhere across the Nintendo universe. Though these turn of events may leave Nintendo fans scratching their heads in bewilderment, I really hope that this plot twist is not for keeps – after all, Mario and Luigi is has been an integral part of Nintendo for decades, that its quite difficult to imagine the Nintendo world without them. So while hopefully waiting for their return, let’s gather our LEGO bricks shall we, and recreate some of the most memorable and nostalgic blocks that Mario and Luigi have ever stepped or smashed on. Inspired by Nintendo’s classic Super Mario Bros. video game, Tyler and Sean over at Build Better Bricks have come up with the coolest, custom LEGO Nintendo Super Mario Boxes that I’ve ever seen so far. Check out Sean’s video below for a better look.

What I like about these custom LEGO Nintendo Super Mario Boxes is the fact that they are functional to even carry small items. The Question Box for example, comes with a red, power-up mushroom and a green, 1-UP mushroom – both of them fitting snugly inside the box. The POW and Music Box are sizeable enough to become mini utility boxes, while the Brick box serves as cool (though less secure) way of keeping those extra change.

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They’re not too difficult to build as well since it seems that these custom LEGO Nintendo Super Mario Boxes does not come with any ultra rare or unique parts to be built. If you want to give these custom brick-built boxes a try, then be sure to visit Build Better Bricks for their respective building instructions and parts inventory to see if you have the necessary parts to build them. Alternately, you can also click on the links below. Be sure to check out the rest of B3’s Nintendo-inspired, LEGO custom sets and be on the lookout for more awesome custom LEGO Super Mario mocs from B3. Happy building!

Custom LEGO Red + Green Mushrooms with Question Box (building instructions only)

Custom LEGO Nintendo Super Mario Boxes


Custom LEGO POW Box (building instructions only)



Custom LEGO Brick Bank Box (building instructions only)


Custom LEGO Music Box (building instructions only)


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