Elon Musk Talks About Manufacturing Life-Sized Interlocking, LEGO-Like Construction Bricks

Being the storied global toy and children’s product brand that it has been for many decades now, The LEGO Group is an old hand when it comes to protecting its name and challenging any company it perceives as knocking them off. They’ve done so around the world for many years.

One can only imagine how LEGO – after going after knockoff LEGO-likes in China late last year – is going to react to this latest quirky development by Elon Musk for his Boring Company. On his Twitter page, Musk proposed repurposing all the dirt dug up by his Boring Company’s future operations.

His idea is to transform that dug-up earth into bricks; not just simple construction bricks but life-sized “LEGO-like” interlocking bricks for structures. Note that his tweet specifically described these prospective construction bricks as LEGO-like. He even added that the first set can be used to build copies of the Pyramids.

Granted, a number of posts made by Elon Musk for The Boring Company, which does tunnel engineering and construction, have been seriously “huh”-inducing (like flamethrowers). It’s interesting to ponder how LEGO would address the issue of Musk’s “LEGO-like” construction bricks, in light of the company making “green” recycled-material bricks themselves.

Author: Albert Balanza

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