Featured MOC: The Skull’s Eye Schooner Ship in a Bottle.

The LEGO Ideas Ship in a Bottle (21313) is generally opined to be one of the most awesome sets to come out under the LEGO Ideas process and labeling. It’s certainly one of the most photogenic and fit for shelf-top display. But while there’s a lot of praise, there’s also criticism.

One major sticking point for LEGO builders who got set 21313 is that the ship inside the bottle, the Flagship Leviathan, isn’t quite as massive as its name implies. From there came a new plus point for Ship in a Bottle: its versatility in having a different vessel mounted inside it.

We already covered one impressive MOC that replaced the Leviathan with a slightly miniaturized LEGO Pirates Skull’s Eye Schooner (6286). But other builders have decided to take a different tactic by enlarging the default Leviathan ship with additional parts instead. Brick Fanatics rises to the challenge again, with a ship enlargement plan.

Our hats go off to their builders for the very eye-catching results. Brick Fanatics went out of their way to both use common LEGO pieces and elements, while still trying to put in as much detail to the expanded Leviathan as it grew. Let’s go over the new embellishments next.

Galleon 14

From the ship’s bow comes the addition of a LEGO microfigure as the Leviathan’s figurehead. Next are the two doors that lead into the ship’s foredeck. Interestingly, no LEGO model ship has ever featured interior-access doors like these. The ship’s enlarged rear now has stained-glass/transparent windows, rear deck, and flag.

Galleon 17 300x201

Ultimately, the larger Flagship Leviathan was able to fit inside the bottle display with just one build modification, necessitating a different rearrangement of the top “glass” plates to accommodate the different placing of the mast-tops. Once, again, we thank Brick Fanatics for sharing this MOC, and we hope to get a chance to feature more from them in the future.

Galleon 11

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