LEGO Black Card VIP Members Will Receive Double-Points for LEGO Star Wars Purchases This February.

LEGO and Star Wars together have done so many wonderful things together in several decades of licensing partnership. Look no further than the epic UCS Millennium Falcon (75192) that’s been a sought-after prize for collectors. The fact that it comes with a black LEGO VIP membership card is a bonus.

Despite some initial trouble on LEGO’s part in getting those sleek black Star Wars VIP cards to their designated owners, things have settled down enough that LEGO is ready for its first major promo with them. Black VIPs have a great deal to look forward to in February, for sure.

For starters, throughout this month all Star Wars VIP card holders will have plenty of motivation to purchase as much and as often as possible. That’s because LEGO is doubling VIP points for Black Card holders when it comes to all purchases of LEGO Star Wars products this February.

This is certainly good news for Black Card VIPs considering that regular LEGO VIP card holders have only two months this 2018 that are designated double-point periods. February gives the Star Wars VIP members one extra month for doubling their points, and who could turn down a prime opportunity like that?

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Double points for February aren’t the only thing Black Card holders have to look forward to this year. There’s enough LEGO Star Wars exclusive privileges spread throughout 2018 to make the expense of getting the UCS Millennium Falcon (75192) for the VIP card worth it.

A Star Wars: The Last Jedi DJ minifigure polybag is just one sample of those special privileges. Members will be constantly updated on upcoming promotions through their email for as long as their Black Card VIP membership is in effect.

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