First 2017 LEGO Ideas Review Results Are Finally In With TRON Legacy Light Cycle Being the Next Official LEGO Ideas Set.

The LEGO Ideas Review Team has finally revealed our next LEGO Ideas set. Topping off the list of 11 candidates that reached that coveted 10K votes, we now have the TRON Legacy Light Cycle by BrickBros UK. This set is based on Walt Disney Pictures’ 2010 sequel TRON: Legacy, from the original 1982 film, TRON. Sam Flynn’s Light Cycle is probably one of the most visually stunning piece of machine in the movie, which was perfectly captured in LEGO bricks by sibling designers Tom and Drew of BrickBros UK. Earlier this month, there has been some rumors going around that a particular LEGO TRON set is in the works, considering that licensing will not be an issue since Disney owns the rights for the film. Now we have confirmation that the said rumor is indeed true, and we now have the LEGO  Ideas TRON Legacy Light Cycle as our next official LEGO Ideas set.

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According to an interview with the LEGO Ideas team, Tom and Drew does not have an exact piece count for the set, but it is likely to be at around 100-200 LEGO elements and pieces. Unsatisfied with existing MOCs of the iconic TRON vehicle, the brothers came up with the idea of building one of their own and have it done on a minifigure scale. Particularly challenging is coming up with an overall color scheme that will give justice to the Light Cycle. Tom and Drew eventually choose predominantly black and trans blue pieces for the bike, and same trans blue pieces and azure plates for the base.

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We don’t have any official word yet regarding its price and availability, as it is still to be fined tuned by the LEGO Ideas Design Team later on. Here’s the usual LEGO Ideas video announcement, as posted over at their Twitter page.

Special mention was also given to the creators of the Surf Rescue Project, the father and son duo of Damien and Aiden McRae. Damien was diagnosed with Stage 4 skin cancer and was inspired to create this set to spread awareness of this skin disease, and how to prevent it. Though their set wasn’t eventually approved, LEGO promised that they will be working closely with Damien and Aiden on special projects to share their story and message.

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In closing, LEGO Ideas has also officially announced that the Second 2017 LEGO Ideas Review Results will be coming in early of 2018. We have a relatively low number of sets – six in fact – that gathered the needed support from May and September of this year, so we just have to wait until then.

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Now, I wonder what’s going in with LEGO Idea Voltron… can’t wait to see the final design on that set.

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