First Clear Image of LEGO Incredibles Game-Exclusive Edna Mode Minifigure (30615) Found on eBay

By now LEGO fans and video-gamers are well aware of the recently-announced LEGO Incredibles title, soon to be available on PC, Microsoft Xbox, Sony PS4 and the Nintendo Switch. The latest news has been the inclusion of an exclusive Edna Mode minifigure for apparently every copy of the game title.

While there’s still some discussion on whether the Edna Mode minifigure will be an exclusive in terms of the game store or the copy of LEGO Incredibles itself, we at least now have a clear image of the polybag which Edna Mode will be packaged in, with an extra surprise.

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The photo of the LEGO Incredibles 2 Edna polybag (numbered 30615) was discovered in eBay, listed for sale out of Bielsk Podlaski, Poland for approximately $20.49, with limited quantities available. On the bag’s lower right corner is a code (BRAB1R) spoiling that Edna can be unlocked in-game as a character.

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Apparently this eBay posting of the Edna Mode polybag (30615) must be from somebody who got a number of them early. It probably doesn’t change that the minifigure is supposed to come with every copy of the LEGO Incredibles videogame sold. We’ll stay vigilant for further developments with this item.

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