First Look At LEGO Seasonal Sets Pilgrim (40204) and Christmas Toy Workshop (40205).

A couple of weeks ago we had our first look of one of LEGO’s seasonal sets just in time for the Halloween with the LEGO Vampire and Bat (40203). As it seems, it is customary for these seasonal sets to give us a glimpse on what is next in the series by featuring it at the back of the building instructions.

This time around, Jason from the BrickVibe has recently shared his finds on what is next’s on LEGO’s collectible seasonal sets starting with the Thanksgiving-themed Pilgrim (40204) set. Take a look.


As mentioned, set 40204 is featured at the back of 40203’s building instruction booklet and shows a brick-built figure of a pilgrim seated on what seems to be a pumpkin, enjoying his fill of turkey drumsticks. The LEGO seasonal Pilgrim is expected to hit stores next October retailing at $9.99 same as that of the Vampire and Bat (40203).

Next to the Pilgrim debuts another seasonal collectible that will be a great addition to any Christmas-themed LEGO set. Similarly, Jason managed to get a copy of the LEGO Pilgrim set that gives us a glimpse on the next seasonal set that LEGO will offer probably sometime in November. We do not have an official name for it yet, save for its set number 40205. However, based on how it looks like, we can make a pretty good guess that these are Santa’s workshop elves busy working on some toys.


There is no official word and additional info from LEGO as of the moment on when the Christmas Toy Workshop (40205) will be released, but we can expect that this set will probably retail at the same price range as that of the previous ones before it.


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