First Look at the LEGO City Capital (60200)

This most recent reveal comes as a very much welcomed surprise. Amazon France has revealed another large LEGO City playset with the LEGO City Capital (60200). This new LEGO City set features three buildings, six vehicles, and more than 10 minifigures. Amazon’s French website has not yet listed other details such as the set’s piece count, retail price and even its release date, but looking at the set’s images gives me the immediate impression that how I wish LEGO will come up with a modular hotel and museum.

In any case, I hope this set is like a hint of things to come. Other than a LEGO City Hospital, fans of the City theme have been looking forward for a properly built and scaled Hotel and a Museum. So looking at the Capital, it somehow gives the assurance that those desired sets are probably in the works already.

60200 1

Nevertheless, the LEGO City Capital (60200) is a nice offering, expected to be released this summer. Some LEGO fan forum members have reported seeing this set in store shelves in Denmark so it will not be long before this set goes in display in North America.

60200 2

It’s also nice to see the latest addition of vehicles that LEGO is throwing in together with this set: I particularly like the newer double-decker bus and ice cream tricycle. The latter is a good addition to other recently released LEGO City vending carts like the LEGO City Hotdog Stand (30356) polybag and the cotton candy cart included in the LEGO Creator Roller Coaster (10261). The LEGO City Capital (60200) also comes as the next set that follows the likes of 2013’s LEGO City Town Square (60026) and 2015’s LEGO City Square (60097), an expansion of sorts to your ever-growing LEGO City complex.

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