First Look At the LEGO Ideas TRON: Legacy Lightcycle (21314)

Last week, LEGO’s Italian store calendar teased on the arrival of the next LEGO Ideas set that will grace the shelves of LEGO Stores in April. This time, we have our first look at the ‘unofficial’ box art of the LEGO Ideas TRON: Legacy Lightcycle (21314) which was shared by one of the readers of Candid Bricks.


I opted to call it ‘unofficial’ because a closer inspection of the above image reveals that the uploader tweaked on some portions of the box art – the edges of the box were roughly covered up, including the details beside the LEGO Ideas logo on the bottom right of the box. However, multiple sources have confirmed that this is definitely the box art for the TRON set, regardless if the image were modified or not.

What thrills me the most about this upcoming LEGO Ideas set is the fact that we will be getting not just one, but two Light Cycles and both are in minifigure scale. The box art image also suggests that the light trail from the back of the lightcycle will actually be a LEGO piece and not just an added prop for the box art. The identity discs from the films were also faithfully replicated using existing lifesaver moulds but with a different color scheme and a cool prints.

We do not have additional information as of the moment regarding details such as pricing and piece count, but we’ll sure to update you once new info comes in. So what do you think of the LEGO Ideas TRON: Legacy Lightcycle (21314)? Will this be a Day 1 pick for you?

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