LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes: The Flash Now Available on DVD and Blu-Ray

It was first announced, with trailer, back in December of last year; and last month, the latest in LEGO, DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Animation’s vast library of direct-to-video films was finally released on digital format. Next, LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes: The Flash releases on DVD/Blu-Ray Tuesday, March 13.

An official synopsis also lays out the general plot of this film. Barry Allen/Flash (voiced by James Arnold Taylor) finds himself trapped in a sinister “groundhog loop” when his super-villain antithesis Reverse-Flash (Dwight Schultz) manipulates their shared power source – the Speed Force – to make Flash relive the same day indefinitely!

Finally the scenes from the official trailer make some sense with the storyline. The more times Flash goes through the looped day, the worst it gets for him. From getting fired from the Justice League to losing his super-speed, Barry must think fast before the time loop ends him, permanently.

LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes: The Flash is also supposed to be the 3D-animated debut of certain DC Comics super heroes and support characters. Among them are The Atom (Eric Bauza), the squirrel-alien Green Lantern B’dg (also Bauza), super-pets Ace the Bat-Hound and Krypto and even Aquaman’s seahorse mount, Storm.

With a running time of 78 minutes, LDCSH: The Flash is now available on all current video formats in the US, while the DVD/Blu-Ray versions will release over at the UK two Mondays from now, on March 26.

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