First Look At the LEGO Marvel Superheroes GOTG Vol. 2 Milano Polybag 30449.

Last month, LEGO has revealed its latest line of Marvel Superheroes sets in line with the upcoming release of the next Marvel Cinematic franchise, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. With three sets to boot, we see the gang’s famed starship, the Milano, making a comeback in The Milano vs the Abilisk (76081) set. Now if you are one of those blessed souls that were able to have the 2017 LEGO Calendar with vouchers, then you probably know by now that a chibi, polybag version of the Milano will be available in May just in time for the films big screen debut. The LEGO Marvel Superheroes GOTG Vol. 2 Milano Polybag (30449) comes as a free gift for any minimum LEGO purchase of £50 or roughly $60 together with the voucher. The polybag comes in at 64 pieces, with its iconic orange and blue color scheme.

polybag lego 30449 the milano

lego marvel guardians of the galaxy 2017 polybag milano 1

As I understand it, the 2017 LEGO Calendar with vouchers was widely distributed in Europe. However, those in the US need not worry because we can expect that the Milano polybag will likely be offered as an in-store and online promotional most probably during the spring months, also within the same price point.


Thanks to Brick Heroes for sharing this image.

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