Extremely Rare LEGO Ideas Minifigure Spotted on eBay.

If you are a minifig aficionado and has trained your eyes to spot that collectible minifig that is worth to keep, then you may want to check out this eBay post. According to the seller, this minifigure is in a class of its own since it is only given as a complimentary gift to individuals who submitted their LEGO Ideas project and have reached the necessary 10K votes from other LEGO community members. The minifig features a printed white torso with the LEGO Ideas logo printed on the front, and ideas.LEGO.com printed on the back.

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The seller also asserts that the minifig’s distribution was rather short lived since it was only given not later than 2014 or 2015. Here’s what the seller has to say:

ideas minifig

The only way to get one of these is if your idea with Lego ideas is reviewed, so surpassing beyond 10,000+ votes as well as a congratulations from Lego. As far as I am aware I also don’t think that Lego have given these out since 2014/2015, making these figures extremely sought after. I can’t imagine how many of these there are but they’re probably extremely rare and nobody wants to sell them. Selling as ‘Best Offer’ so please let me know what your best offer is for the figure, hopefully we can arrange a deal.

If the offer is as legit as it sounds, then we can only surmise that there are only a handful of these congratulatory gifts. Unfortunately, we have no way of knowing for sure how many of these are out there since the LEGO Ideas website does not allow filtering of entries that show projects that gathered 10,000 votes earlier than 2014. It would be nice if the site maintains an accessible database of supported projects that were submitted so we can have a way of figuring out how many of these extremely rare minifigs are out there.

As of this writing, this LEGO Ideas minifigure is currently offered at $1,125 or £900, and has three competing offers. If you’re interested, just head over to this link and join the bid wars.


Thanks to Hoth Bricks for the tip.

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