First Trailer for “LEGO Ninjago” Season 9 “Hunted” Now Up

You’ve got to hand it to LEGO Ninjago: its animated adaptation on Cartoon Network has got plenty of staying power. It may have made its big-screen debut last year, but the ongoing struggle between Lloyd and his Ninja team against his father Lord Garmadon is now on its ninth season.

It was plenty nice of LEGO to get the first glimpse of LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjiztu Season 9 out as early as possible, much to the enjoyment of fans who were expecting news to more likely come by way of the San Diego Comic-Con for instance. Good for them.

Season 9 of the Ninjago animated series has a new subtitle: Hunted. It subtly implies the circumstances of the heroes following the shocking finale of Season 8, with most of the ninja trapped in a parallel world, leaving Lloyd and Nya as the only leading figures of resistance against Garmadon.

As the trailer above shows, Ninjago: Hunted has a split narrative, alternately switching between Lloyd and Nya being hunted by Garmadon, with the other Ninja led by Wu trying to survive in a wasteland where the inhabitants live by hunting and exploiting dragons. The subtitle takes on a double-meaning here. It’s also nice to see some of the LEGO Ninjago 2018 summer sets featured in the trailer such as the Destiny’s Wing (70650) and the Oni Titan (70658).

Yeah, the trailer’s cool and all but it doesn’t actually say when Ninjago Season 9 will start on Cartoon Network (or Nickelodeon over in Denmark). We might possibly have to wait for another tease to get a premiere date down. Maybe that’s what awaits if LEGO is present at SDCC.

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