LEGO Ideas Project Spotlight: “SpaceX – The Ultimate Collection”

For LEGO fans who like to keep up with LEGO Ideas, we’re currently in the middle of the First 2018 Review Phase. In the meantime, no word has gone out yet of any submission on the Ideas platform gaining 10,000 supporters. But there are some set proposals that warrant supporting.

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Here’s a relatively new submission done by Ideas member Matthew Nolan, with additional input from Valerie Roche. It’s a branded set, carrying the name of a private aerospace service company founded by Elon Musk that’s been in the news in recent times: SpaceX. This set is “SpaceX – The Ultimate Collection”.

As its name implies, SpaceX – The Ultimate Collection is a giant multi-model set encompassing the most prominent space vehicles created by SpaceX Corporation, in a similar vein as the venerable LEGO Ideas Saturn V rocket (21309). But this package has two SpaceX rockets, plus a multitude of other tech options.

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The two rockets on this collection are from SpaceX’s Falcon series, one Falcon 9 (Block 5 variant) and the larger Falcon Heavy, all of them with rocket cores that detach and land after launch, the gimmick that helped SpaceX make sci-tech headline news. The brick details are all remarkably accurate.

Aside from the Falcons, the Ultimate Collection also has the Transporter/Erector/Launcher (TEL) system to deploy the rockets. Then there are the optional components such as the Dragon 2 capsule, a satellite, and even Elon Musk’s personal Tesla Roadster sent up to space. Sticker decals include SpaceX and optional ESA markings.

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Nolan and Roche have only posted SpaceX – The Ultimate Collection on LEGO Ideas on the 10th of May, and already it’s garnered over 3,500 supporters before the month is even out. Should the trend continue, it might make it just in time to join a prospective Second 2018 Review Phase.

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