From New York to Paradise – Blocks Magazine Issue #34 Now Available!

I have to admit, hearing all these news from San Diego Comic Con is exhilarating. Now that we’re almost at the end of this annual comic book fandom celebration, let’s take a break and check out the latest issue of Blocks Magazine out now. Let’s take a look.

Issue34 Issue34alt

Blocks magazine visits the beach with LEGO Friends and New York with Spider-Man in Issue 34

Get in the spirit of summer with the latest issue of Blocks magazine, with an idyllic beach build that captures the essence of three different LEGO themes.

The first taste of summer comes with a nostalgia-induced trip back to the 1990s, looking at the classic Paradisa sets to reminisce about the LEGO Group’s early seaside dream locale. Things then come back to the present, as LEGO Friends designers explain how the modern theme took shape after years of early development to become one of the company’s greatest successes.

Friends 3 Friends 4 Friends Friends 2

Blocks’ Build section takes inspiration from both Friends and Paradisa to create a bustling beach scene worthy of the front cover, replicating the unique design styles used in each theme. But summer isn’t just about lying on the beach – it’s also about blockbuster movies. A mammoth New York street scene that is packed full of incredible detail plays host to Spider-Man. It’s on a scale so impressive that it features on this month’s alternate cover (just flip your copy over).

Spiderman 2 Spiderman 3 Spiderman 4 Spiderman

No LEGO fan has seen it all until they check out this month’s dive into hidden LEGO gems, full of unique parts that never made it into regular production. Thankfully, the Mod Squad solution to upgrading Wonder Woman villain Ares uses regular, readily available LEGO pieces.

War Planes War Planes 2 War Planes 3 War Planes 4

As always, Month in LEGO takes a look at all of the LEGO stories you may have missed with an extra level on insight and expert opinion, Technique offers new tips on really making the most of those Flower Stems and Anatomy looks at the various historic aircraft that have joined the LEGO hangar over the years.

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