Glitches in Shipping LEGO Star Wars VIP Cards to Buyers of UCS Millennium Falcon (75912)

We’ve gone over a few times how much the LEGO Star Wars UCS Millennium Falcon set (75912) was prized by hardcore collectors, and how that huge demand tended to translate into supply issues as retailers and LEGO itself tried to keep it stocked. But there’s another reason for the interest.

Last year, anyone who got to buy the ridiculously awesome UCS Falcon (75912) before the last day of 2017 ended would’ve also gotten the snazzy-looking LEGO Star Wars VIP Card worth a one-year VIP membership. Many of those buyers got their cards, but others haven’t; and there’s a reason why.

ucsfalconset e1510372428203

Apparently there was a glitch in LEGO’s computer systems for their VIP program. It turns out existing LEGO VIP members who bought the UCS Falcon (75912), but had either deactivated or refused to consent in receiving physical mail, ended up not having their LEGO Star Wars VIP Cards not created.

It was a mistake of omission. The stipulations for getting the LEGO Star Wars card was, that it would be mailed physically to 75912 buyers from before the previous year ended. With no permission to mail physically, the LEGO VIP system was spoofed to not make cards for those members.

Thankfully LEGO Customer Service caught on to the goof after VIP members pointed it out, and the withheld LEGO Star Wars VIP Cards are now on their way to the affected people. Furthermore, LCS clarified that any promos accompanying the custom black card are attached to the VIP account itself.

ucsfalcon e1510614873264

That means VIP members don’t actually need to have their Star Wars cards on hand to avail of those promotions when they go active. The special Star Wars-themed LEGO VIP card is a sleek black number with a silhouette of the Millennium Falcon, It’s a nice extra with set 75912.

Remember though, the LEGO Star Wars VIP card will only be available to either those who bought the UCS Millennium Falcon set (75912) before December 31, 2017 or those who preordered before the New Year’s restock. Congratulations to those who were lucky to get it.

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